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Thank you for stopping by Bottled Messages!

There isn’t a starving artist statement here about how my life revolves around art etc. – you can assume that I’m ready to eat most of the time anyway – but there is a statement about my personal exploration of art.  The blog archives here have been edited to create some sense of professionalism, but content is a little wide-ranging in maturity and self-absorption. In other words, while this blog contains mostly pieces of writing which I feel represent my best work at a given point in time, the evolution of this WordPress website can still be traced in its growth from awkward column/poetry expression to mostly poetry and accompanying art (hopefully with significantly lower levels of awkward). This means that there isn’t a single portfolio theme – instead, this blog shows part of the process of me falling in love with art, particularly poetry.

Fortunately, the content is arranged chronologically backwards, so you will encounter the most recent pieces first and hopefully enjoy them enough to forgive me for the earlier, unpolished work that I cannot honestly dismiss in showing my progress (hopefully!) as a writer.

I am still figuring out what happens in the process of creation, and what makes good poetry good. I have been playing music for much longer than I have been writing, but I have only been an aspiring musician since about the same time I began to write poetry. I would like to say that I am more technically skilled in musicianship than in writing, but that doesn’t really explain why I enter poetry competitions and not music competitions.


As you visit, feel free to let me know what you think about some of my art.
Thank you for sharing my ongoing journey. I hope you have a lovely time.

Warm wishes and much gratitude,


3 thoughts on “About this blog”

  1. You are very intriguing, to say the least.

    Thanks for writing on my blog.

    I am reading some of your lists. Interesting.


  2. Ankoku Hikaru said:

    Why are you interesting?
    There’s something about this Page that just…. AGH I NEED TO GET OUT.

    JK but yes it seems to keep one here.

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