You are working a miracle again,
laying your hands on a convoluted mass
of steel, coaxing, wrenching life
into the shape of a machine.

And watching you, I wonder
if you can diagram my intricate workings,
this mess of organic wiring and
inner gears you’ve put in reverse;

if you know how to trace these impulses
and their careless electric trails
coursing through my circuits;
if you feel every metallic fitting and

shift, molecular, of this transmutation
– pistons into muscle, axles and oil
into bones and blood – the rapture
igniting at your touch on my skin

like metal, reverent.

cyborgbutterflyLong note: This finally came out of a rather Asimov draft from forever ago.
Galatea was the name of the statue that Pygmalion the sculptor fell in love with in Ovid’s Metamorphoses – Aphrodite brought her to life for Pygmalion.
In this interpretation, Galatea is cast as a Juliet-type in an I, Robot setting.