I recently was given a book for Xmas: Where the Sky Doesn’t End by Ron Nichols. Now, this fits into the category of YA fiction and I will admit that I had that moment of ‘aren’t I a little past this stage?’ – but a book is a book and I read it all the same, figuring that it would be good for a bit of light reading. Without putting in too much of a spoiler, let me just say the same thing I said to the writer: at several points in this book (which I read in practically one sitting), I found the emotions in these pages of print spilling over with such clarity, I was sitting there going ‘mygosh I’m crying’.

Don’t get me wrong about this. This isn’t so much just a sad, pretty story, as it is an honest, inspiring and beautiful piece of writing. One of my favourite moments in this story makes me tear up simply because it captures the spirit of youth, innocence and sincerity. The style of writing is suitable for all ages because it’s straightforward, communicative and easy to follow, while retaining an impressive amount of detailwork and purposeful direction. I’m certain that a great deal of care and thought went into the creation process, as the storyline remains complex and plot movement relies intensively on character interaction and development.

The one thing I like best about what you’ll encounter in this book is that it’s personal. I took a few chapters to warm up to the characters – but once that was done, they contributed significantly to my reading experience. They have presence and substance, and their individual personalities have a dynamic quality about them that carries weight as the story progresses.They write this story, are right there in your mind’s eye when you read this book, and carry the plot on its way, which I eventually found to be the only path that it could have taken.

So yes. I enjoyed this book much more than I initially thought I would. This read took me right back to that moment when I first started thinking about what I wanted to do with my life, when I began to reach for control of this thing I knew as my life, and when I began to discover the value of friendship, integrity, and above all else, dreams.

Where the Sky Doesn’t End is set in Missouri, is centred around the ambitions and thoughts of 13-year-old Brendan and 11-year-old Aria, and can be found on Amazon.