So as you may or may not have surmised, this post is purely to showcase the fact that WordPress has snow on their pages till Jan 4th, as per most years. Yup, I’m writing this purely for the sake of virtual snow. Because I love my virtual snow, okay? ^^

A little anecdote to fill the space here then: have you noticed how, like snow, white things like to be not white? Experiment with this. Take a book and a cup of coffee. Sit down, read, and see if you drip on any page. Unconvinced? Wear a white shirt. Eat spaghetti in any form of tomato sauce, pizza, curry, chocolate ice cream, watermelon, and any other highly coloured food you can think of. Even if your shirt stays white this round, let me assure you that it’s only a matter of time. It happens to the neatest of us. White things just get bored of their own whiteness and want to be seen differently, or want to self-decorate, or want to be less white. It’s the way they are and really nobody can blame them for that. All we can try to do is persuade them that the reason we bought them in the first place is because they’re white and we would like them to stay that way, please.

The other thing we can do is wear non-white things, use non-white things, and let other people deal with the little personality disorder that white things have. However, this attitude is turning out to be catching, and I don’t mean the tendency of pastels or off-white colours to adopt this stand. The other day, my BLACK dress decided it had had enough of being itself for that day. I was eating pasta in a creamy white sauce. I don’t know how this article of clothing developed its version of white-object-syndrome, because I have few enough white things (being unusually prone to giving in when they assert their desire to be non-white), but it apparently has. So. I did the only thing I could.


I also have started wearing white again. Happy New Year.