Fingers tangled in the sophisticated knot of another life
I am fascinated by the alien intricacies
the foreign sensations, the exoticisms
the mystery that is a stranger
and sipping from your shadow
I distill your flavour, exquisite,
your bouquet delicate upon my palate
as crushed clover and peach wine
intoxication, exhilarating, and contamination, guilty
in the same mouthful.

Inhaling, aware of your aura and its lingering scent
of you-de-cologne and, faintly,
smokey sunsets with dim lighting
I seek to memorize your fragrance
to capture your essence, that I may make
some aspect of you permanent and
more tangible than dusty sunlight
more than a windblown memory
that fades with the featherlight touch of a breath.

Your colours intrigue me
your skins and shades and shifting templates
of reason edged with whims
and your endless, seamless,
loveless spectrum of sepia snapshots.
In the same heartbeat I am captivated and
hopelessly lost in your dreams
your shimmering, transcendent illusions
glittering and flickering with fantasies and flames.

A world in your eyes and its soundtrack in your voice
your accent claiming each word
staking your territory and your personality
in spray-painted graffiti murals on gray-washed walls
that I can only admire in the morning after
when your art has, in the depths of darkness
wreaked its beauty and chaos upon this world.

Interwoven, complicated, with your threads
I explore your pattern, your strings
your being and
I would like nothing better than to stay here
intertwined, interlocked and death-fascinatedly interested
discovering your forever