I’m gathering the pieces
tracing each torn edge with bleeding fingertips
my sieve runneth over with details
that neither water nor blood
nor the tears of time can dissolve
how quickly the net fills
brimming over with minute memories
too cruel to keep and
too precious to lose.

Like so many shards of glass
see how my beauties glitter
jagged, glinting like polished jewels
shining in every shade, every shadow
ruby deep in the hilts of the blades that cradle them
unrivalled by any colour that your eyes ever were
garnets and diamonds trickle
a fine sheet against my skin
stark patterns on my wrists and hands
like so many bones of coral.

Arrange them
swirls of sapphire and marbled jade
my vessel stands empty as the night
empty as the morning
I have nothing to discard.
my feelings leave ivory streaks on every fragment
each surface that holds my fingerprints
under a mist of breath
as I pry each love-sharp splinter
from myself, from my dreams
watch as I place them side by side
and out of order
the things that have been broken
and broken again.