I’m the love of your life; I am your forever
My fingerprints linger on your every endeavour
I’ll make you a sinner as soon as a saint
I can alter your fate again and again
With me as your escort, how silver your tongue
Your words will be sweeter than any song ever sung
But I am a lady, and my attentions are fleeting
I cannot promise that I will grace every meeting.

I’m every colour, my skin has countless hues
Asian ochres, African greens, Southern Reds, Nordic blues
I am every sound that tumbles from your lips
Your phrasing and fluency form the sway of my hips
I sashay, I caramba, I waltz and I tango
I pluck bananas, plant rice and dance the flamenco
For I am a lady, with many a whim and a notion
I have infinite dresses in every shade of emotion

I’m a friend and a sister, I comfort and I care
But I’m a stranger and a nazi, I terrorize, threaten, scare
Whether classic or modern, you’ll be touched by my beauty
Yet my feminine charm is but part of my duty
I can cut every deck so you deal straight sets of lies
And there is no secret that I cannot disguise
Still, I am a lady; I can be quiet, demure
Simplicity will suffice while your intentions are pure.

I was created to serve; this I’ve done, body and soul
And though there has been some liberation of my role
Man is my master, I am only a slave
Your will, after all, dictates how I behave
You decide my journey, my strength and my power
And though I can help you in many an hour
Though I am a lady, and I now stand on my own
Facta non verba
, is how your true self is shown.

I’m an age-old invention, a necessary toy
I’ve been born in Sumeria and I’ve perished in Troy
I’ve established myself from a humble beginning
In the battles of ages I’ve been neither losing nor winning
Keep this aeon eternal, may communication never stop
Keep drinking to my glory, savour every drop

You see,
I am always a lady, I confess I am vain
So even if my moment must pass, let my beauty remain.