because the bougainvilleas spill their twisting vines
carelessly fountaining over the wall
unruly waterfalls of marbled jade
blossoming into delicate untamed sprays of fuchsia and lilac and ivory
ancient thorns hiding among
sparkling petals like sequined tracing paper

because the orchids blush
rosy like their sisters
turning their faces away from the heat
flirting in the shadows
flames dancing in the dark as they nod
whispering sweet nothings to each other
dark green leaves a waxy backdrop to their play

and because the lilies bask magnificent
glowing richly in sun-dappled yellows and pinks
stems slashes of emerald in the midday glare
brilliant cascading splashes of colour
casually tousled but
unruffled in their elegance
radiating their effortless glory

I have to tell her about it
how they too imagine her there
imitating her fragrance
murmuring her name sotto voce
twining passionate limbs together in a
wild frenzy of beauty and
weeping diamond tears for her touch

I speak silence with her
until my eyes and throat burn with fatigue
and as I fall away from myself
her voice fades into the rustling of her leaves