and there was green and pink and bright bright blue
and then the world exploded and
there was more colour than anyone had ever seen
vermillion clouds rolled across skies reborn in violet and
showered the new earth in red raindrops
like fiery blood from the stars
and he said that it was perfect
and people were crying but it was happy
even though i couldn’t tell you why
and then the world shifted and

it was at night and there were people
dancing across the fields in front of stonehenge
and they wore white and yellow dresses
and he was one of them and he smiled but
then he moved away and changed faces and
became somebody i didn’t know in the crowd
and then the people all became something else
with pretty eyes and too many fingers and
i was running and running and the ground tilted
and the stars whirled around and around and

they turned into the sea
only it was bright and there wasn’t any water
and the light was everywhere at once
and he was still there even though
i was alone in the sea
looking for something i couldn’t remember
and then he said that it was time to go
and there was suddenly a mirror
and i went through it and

things were swirling
like wine breathing or coffee mixing
but i knew it was going to be ok
and the sun was laughing because
i didn’t know where he had come from
but he was there all the same and
he smiled that smile and held out his hand
and gave me a matchstick in the middle of all the
that was making me feel sick
and then there was a loud noise
and everything started falling the wrong way
except me and him

falling through space
so cold but something made it
okay in the end but
i can’t remember what.


-based off of jon’s post from long ago-

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