dance with me, she said, dance with me
before you go,
before the universe steals you away.
the sky is a jealous lover.

he laughed and held her close,
and whispered that he could not
love both her and the sky at the same time.
you are my universe, he told her,
you are everything to me.

the world was silent and still,
the warmth of dusk  a curtain
draping darkness all around.
only her heartbeat broke the silence
keeping time as they danced.

don’t go, she pleaded,
although they both knew he would leave.
the sky is a cruel mistress.
he touched her lips, kissed her eyelids,
did not answer her.
instead he took her hands
beckoning her into aether and safety
murmured her name in dreams.

as sleep stole away from her on moonshadow tiptoe,
dawn slunk quietly onto the horizon
lay its gleaming fingers on the veil of night
casting its nets over the land.
she turned her face to the sun
let his fingers tangle in her hair and caress her skin
knowing he was watching over her
even as she ached and waited
for sunset.