Charcoal light, lily blood
Aching snow, stormy heart.
Freezing sun, fiery stars
Sour music, painless scars.
Diamond flames, emerald water
Faceless name, nobody’s daughter.
Silent sunrise, empty sky
Jaded salvation, battle cry.
Bleeding flowers, ivory sounds
Watchful forests, hunting grounds.
Coral chambers, valkyrie nets
Flooding fires, burning wet.
Silver bullets, wooden cross
Liquid magic, Trojan horse.
Secret mirrors, ebony lies
Wounded angels, weeping sigh.
Knave of aces, heart of spades
Metal roses, sapphire blades.
Rusted hinges , fading floors
Ruby oceans, folding doors.
Dappled fury, painted wounds
Screaming whisper, purple moons.
False redemption, sobbing plea
Dying alive. Sounds like me.

note: I wanted to change the title, but I’ve had this piece for over two years now and the original idea won’t go away.

reflectingI don’t know what it is, either, but it’s cool.