Well I don’t quite know how to begin
Have writer’s block and no tonic or gin
An idea of what an acrostic is would be a start
That’s all hypothetical though; I’m not up to the part.

I‘m too lazy to look up the Wiki
So I’ll just write some nonsense and hope it sounds sticky

And maybe people will get what I’m trying to say:
Nothing much inspires me anymore these days.

An acrostic; perhaps it’s just another piece of writing
Croissants were the last thing that really looked inviting.
Really, though, I should get back into shape
Oh, once, writing was a piece of cake
Still, times pass and I have to move on —
That doesn’t make this battle any more won
I still don’t know what an acrostic is
Could it by any chance perhaps be this

I didn’t mean to do the 5-0 tonight, really. I wrote this and then decided to post and oh! it’s 50! 😀 Woohoo! Fern, leave a comment! 😛


Note: An acrostic, by the way, is a piece of writing where the first alphabet of every line spells out another message.