Water water thoughts everywhere
And not a drop of sense to think about.
Hurts it hurts my mind so parched
Please help me to end this drought.

Things are spinning fast freefalling
I’m falling fast asleep
Needing more than just therapy
Too many memories to keep.

Faith? What’s that? I ask
Can you prove how far you’d go?
Could you serve it on a silver plate
Or might it be your weight in gold?

One two three four five
Once I caught myself a life
Six seven eight nine ten
Living it made me die again.

Things gone wrong make noxious odors
I don’t really need to know
Dank and putrid, stinks of rot
Just gets worse if you let it grow.

Six verses of six stanzas of six lines
An idle mind is Satan’s workshop
Two hundred sixteen lines?! too much to write
I think I’m just idle. Full stop.

~ verse 4 is Jon’s xP