Disclaimer/claimer?: The Gin Blossoms did not inspire this post.

Sometimes I have a very thick skull, like when I straighten after picking up something on the bathroom floor and crack my head against the sink (thank providence). And like when it comes to being an idealistic perfectionist over the silliest, most trivial things. Yes, I’m dumb that way.

Note: I’m not as emo as the following makes me sound, don’t worry, it’s cool XD it just sounds nice.

you don’t want to talk to me
i scare myself sometimes
tuesdays i’m scared to look in the mirror
in case i’ve disappeared
wednesdays i know i’m there because
someone has to clear up after tuesdays.

So tell me what I have to do
Because I can’t dance like this
I’m nothing I thought
I could be or am
The grip is losing me
And past the point of survival
Instinct died two miles ago.

the door is shuddering
who or what is behind it
i don’t want to know but
my thoughts don’t obey me
i’m dying to know inside although
my deepest fear is that the monster
is me.

Sanity is overrated
Murmur the minutes as they fly by
I count the cracks in my life
The lightbulb is silently slipping
Away because
It can’t fight the dark for
Another hour while I fall
Further than I am.

Hold up and hold on
I don’t know what you’re saying anymore
The horses have left with the train
That is now derailed of thought
I haven’t snapped. just frayed.
minus the blood and sparks
teach me how to learn