I was tagged by Leonard XD

1. What is the geekiest object you own?

hmm… How about the Guide to LOTR and Middle Earth book?

2. Continue the following opener: “It was a dark and stormy night…”

… so I closed the window and tried to go back to sleep.

3. What would your evil twin be like?

Everything I am already but don’t show.

4. What is the true name of the nameless one?

The real name of He Who Has No Name is -/gack/ clutches throat and dies of some supernatural cause-

5. Where did your most recent illustrious piece of prose go?

Illustrious eh… uh… haven’t really been writing. To the IMPAC Young Writers’ competition I suppose. Failing which, it’s on the pc somewhere.

6. What is the title of the next book you will buy?

There is no single book. Dresden Files, book 6, Wheel of Time book 8, Bishoujo for Beginners, Contemporary Piano Soloes vol. 1, and Spanish Haiku Collection. Any one of those (and all if I can ever afford them at one go. fat hope though.)

7. What is the most popular website you have created?

rofl… this one? it’s not popular, but it’s the most popular I suppose (not to mention the only one).

8. Which piece of writing are you most proud of?

Hmm… still improving with every piece. As of today, probably the ‘I Can’ cancer story for that competition last year.

9. What are you best at writing?

Abstract or surreal fiction/fantasy. I think. With lots of imagery and interesting characters. I hope. And occasionally, music, although it’s not something I generally show people.