Here’s to one of my first fusion ideas. Haikus 😉 go ahead and count the syllables in each line, it should be 5-7-5. Oh, and in case you haven’t tried them before, spring rolls are fried dough or something like that, stuffed with turnip and carrot and minced meat.

Green tea watermarks
Staining the calligraphy.
All teapots dribble.

Autumn crunches on
Summer walks by with spring rolls
And winter melons.

Yin and yang are but
Light reflecting away from
The face of the earth.

Faded red paintings
Draped in dragon-printed silk
Behind stained windows.

Paddy fields stretching
Wearing a belt of old stone.
China is captured.

Science does not explain
Why no-one has ever tried
To break a joss stick.

Yellow and white hues
From another dynasty.
I’m a banana.

Should you need an explanation (I think I would if I wasn’t the one who wrote it):

1. I have never met a chinese teapot that doesn’t dribble when you pour tea.

2. Abstract fusion surrealism.

3. The moon and the sun are the basis of the whole concept of yin and yang. I know it’s not scientifically correct, but it wouldn’t fit otherwise. Heh.

4. This one just sounded nice.

5. A photograph of paddy fields taken from the Great Wall.

6. Well, I’ve never tried. See no.2’s explanation.

7. A banana is a traditional way of calling someone westernized (yellow outside, but white inside).